Suited to Succeed is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Baltimore, MD.  The mission of Suited to Succeed is to improve the economic independence of women experiencing hardship by providing professional attire, career development and life skills training, networks of support and tools to help them to become successful in life.

Since 1997, Suited to Succeed has been serving women within the metropolitan Baltimore area and has created a recognized brand by gaining community support through corporate sponsorship and referral programs.  From serving 60 women that first year, Suited to Succeed has increased it’s impact and just within the last 7 years has clothed over 10,000 women and provided over 75,000 pieces of clothing.


Suited to Succeed was founded in June 1997 by a group of Baltimore women and men committed to the empowerment of women with a specific focus on facilitating economic independence. The founders recognized that a critical gap existed between completion of the more than 200 job training programs in Baltimore and obtaining employment. Suited to Succeed was created to provide an opportunity for disadvantaged women entering or re-entering the workforce to not only ‘dress for success’ with suitable business attire but also to enhance the skills necessary to gain and maintain employment over time.

Suited to Succeed began as a grassroots initiative with seed money donated by the founding board members and Procter & Gamble. With a skeleton staff and committed volunteers, relationships with potential Referral Partners were cultivated and the process of collecting and providing business attire to women as they completed vocational training programs began.


Suited to Succeed collects business clothing through company-sponsored clothing drives, individual donations and community events and provides free professional wardrobes and career development and life skills workshops.  By partnering with larger employment and training organizations, like America Works and Goodwill Industries, the nonprofit is able to broaden it’s impact and provide services to a larger group of women in need.

In 2015, Suited to Succeed reached another milestone by increasing its reach to service university students and veterans by solidifying partnerships with Stratford University, the Maryland Center for Veteran’s Education and Training (MCVET) and Coppin State University have .

Suited to Succeed will continue to grow and aims to be the premiere Maryland nonprofit organization that empowers women experiencing economic hardship.